domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2018

Chinese culture in the west?

Last weekend I was in the movies, I watched a very bad one. What impressed me was not how bad it was, it is because was that for the very first time, I experienced the Chinese influence: I realized that the production company was Chinese. I went back home, and I started to look for more Hollywood movies with Chinese production companies or any other Chinese connection.

I realized that there are Chinese investments in Sony pictures, I understood why in Transformers (the movie) you find a lot of scenes in China and Asia, or why the number of Chinese actors and actresses is rising in Hollywood.  Please, don´t misunderstand me. I do like it, the more people from different countries involved in the industry, the more interesting films we are going to watch (not like the one I watched).

But until that time, it was very clear how China is increasing its influence in all the aspects: beyond, the news, the stock market, Chinese companies buying American ones or the growing number of Chinese students in North America. This country is not just playing economics and politics with a worldwide perspective, they understand what a global player means.  

Through these actions this country had started to conquer our values and minds to create societies that support Chinese ideals, just as US did at the beginning of the XX century. For instance, for the world is normal to watch Hollywood movies, The Simpsons, to follow baseball or American Football, the American values had become the world values (democracy, rule of law and free market), this was done through an excellent cultural marketing where Hollywood and music were/ are key players. Why is not possible that in some decades we are going to have the same with China?

Talking to people on the street or friends, the major part do not think that China is going to have the same role that US in the coming years, which is a warning signal. Because we are not preparing ourselves to face this. We are not taking the time to learn mandarin, we are not interested to study about Confucius, or what does it mean “two systems, one country”?, etc.

Furthermore, if China achieves the same influence as the US today, it means that we are going to accept the one-party regimes? As the communist party in China?  Or we are going to trade no matter if a country has a dictatorship or a democracy? What is going to happen with role of women (that still has a lot to improve in the west)?

Canada and the world must start to think about these challenges. China is not just about money and global presence. We are the generation that is going to witness the changing leadership of the world, and leadership implies, having an impact on our daily life, just as the movies.

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